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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Settling the blows

I gaze, i grin, i giggled

so what if the blow triggered?

The point where i was hinted the unusual demeanor,

when it was a spooky little carrier.

The talks molded n folded,

adding to the heat and the toungue scolded.

We promised and got united for happy stories,

Daily dose of love and no worries...

I glance, I hear, I say,

so what if we didnt go our way?

It was an over debated issue,

which we shouldn't have pursued..

The conversation just got worsened,

and the aisles to each other sharpened

stabbing each of us deep inside..

o petty things to be resolved we decide.

I chop, I cook, I hear

so what we let down on how to cater

I welcome the suggestions with a long face

tried keeping and doing stuff at your pace

The words which boiled and blistered,

worked faster than how sugar minced..

lets burn it up on the burner and we rinsed

I sob, i cry, I howl

so what the promises to keep still crawl

I go erratic, i figure and explain,

the sheer blame games we refrain.

standing on the edge i ponder

Gearing it up, not too late to surrender

Tomorrow, Day after and the nth day,

so what if its tolling us to pay

for he is the one and only in entire world

let my efforts not go churned!


Prashanth Nagaraj said...

Hey ..Its a gud one...


Coffee with Nidhi said...

Which are these Blows you are talking about?? ;-)