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Friday, September 20, 2013

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Monday, May 6, 2013


Today, i logged in here to recollect the person in me who loved to write. I went through some of the old posts to wake up the scribbler in me and fill up this space again. I won't blame that coz i got pregnant, coz i became a mom, coz i was taking care of my lil girl, so i was absent from here, but i would admit that i was slave to my laziness and had been procrastinating. So when i decided to write something, nothing actually crossed my mind except the thoughts of my 1.2 years old daughter. So this one is for you my dear Maithili. You are the best thing that has happened to me. Love u loads! *********************************************************************************

"Amma, tum soyi nahi?", Boli wo aankhen jab jagi.
"Main to soyi raj ke, jo thi tere aagosh mein.
 Tum kyun baithi rahi, taktaki lagaye, dekhe mujhe khamosh se.
 Ye do pal hi to hain, jab main sustaon varna palchin tumhe apne peeche daudaon."

 Amma boli:

"Tujhe sulakar bass ho rahi thi rukhsat,
 jab nazar ne kaid ki, tere chehre ki maasumiyat
 Ye alhad neend, ye muskaan, ye roop ye rangat
 Ye nain naksh aur ye maathe ki lakiren,
  rubaru hain ab, jo khyalon mein thi tasveerein"
 "Shukriya karoon har baar, kabhi rabb toh kabhi kismet
  tujhe banaya, tujhe jana, ye hai chamatkari kudrat
  Bhar loon aankhon mein, ye lamhe kahin kaid karoon
  Waqt ki raftaar hai badi, beetenge jab kal, parso aur fir barso
  Yaadon ke sandook se fir inhi lamhon ki sair karoon
  Bass ye sochte hue, aisi uljhi tuje niharne mein,
  Aaj fir samay bitaya, teri balayein utarne mein"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For you dear mum & dad - On your Anniversary

They are the ones who need no introduction,
solely culpable for my creation.
On this day they entered in holy wedlock.
And together they ventured in this bonded bliss
They are the ones to whom I belong n will ever do
Thank you my guardian angels for everything you do.

Revising the torn pages of my growing up tales
the days of strictness and discipline that forever prevailed
To make me a better person of what I am today.
How much I abhorred your ascendancy and check,
shrugging my shoulders off and had crazy frets
How difficult teen I had been, doing all those sins;
with much endurance you dealt, when I proved to be grim.

How I grew in your embrace dear father
with a new demand each day; some or the other
And u smilingly met it each time without thinking twice
Re-balancing your budget over paying for my toys' price
the independence you gave and the trust you showed
is beyond handful of thanks when today I think and grin
One who sowed the seeds of patience, confidence and being grounded
How you coached me to face the challenges, I owe it all to you what I imbibed

The patience and unending love of you dear mother,
The once in lifetime bringing up experiences,
Under your spell were truly charismatic.
When you chased me round the table, failing me to skip my diets
Making a cuppa for me during exams in middle of the nights
Or the lessons you showered from those good girl's guides
Those days will never return, since the times flee
Countless memories to recall and glee
Whenever I felt like crashing in I had your arms
The one who cried when I shed tears
and gave me strength to fight those fears

Times when i failed and failed miserably
you gave me strength to outshine continually
Rejoicing on my success and victories
I owe it all to you, the present ones n in history
Parenthood is tough, but bearing up children with values is tougher
Thank you for what you gave me is not just life but a fortune harbinger
You are the one to whom i belong and will ever do
Thank you my guardian angels for everything you do.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Single & Coping it!

Does the customary question, “So when are you getting married" leave you fuming? Does your mum often get those panic attacks on discerning the stress to marry you off? Time & again, family put two fingers up to your denials for the proposed guy and since you carry the tag 'Single', you should be dying with hypertension of not being able to find yourself, Mr. Perfect. Welcome to the world of singles, who are trying to cope as they share the same status quo.

Clique in your circle, colleagues at work place and all those agony aunts, leave no stone unturned to prod u, that u have amiss in life! Such strain by folks, often takes a toll on an otherwise lucrative & elated life, a singleton leads. Your parents could be putting pressure on you by apprising you, that your cousin, who’s younger, is already married, so now it’s your turn. Or they would like to see their grandchildren. To top it all, you see most of your peers already married with children. And the social encumbrance to get married never seems to lull.

Many women often have hang it all attitude at such situations, but experts say, that most of them are likely to suffer depression caused due to 'OMG, I’m still single' worry. They usually fail to face the pressure and take lying down to the bombardment of all such annoying questions, thrown by family & friends. These folks are the ones, who make women feel that after crossing a certain age getting married is a long row to hoe.

Psychologists say, that single hood is normally assumed to be as a waiting stage before one gets married, so when this phase in a woman's life extends a little longer to the thirties, people begin to wonder, followed by flooding in series of questions, like, 'What's keeping her from tying the heavenly knot?' It's usually seen that no matter, aunty-ji in the neighbourhood might be going through a relationship crisis in her own marriage, but still she would be more than eager to get the girl in question settled, simply because it’s the norm of the society. It sees marriage as a sine qua non of a settled life.

I remember my mother went crazy during my days of being single! We were completely at loggerheads on the kind of boy to look for. She used to fix a meeting each weekend with prospective grooms and get vexed on my dissent. She often accused me for being high headed and spoiled completely by the metro culture as my parents stayed back in Punjab. We used to have frequent arguments as she felt I was responsible for abeyance of marriage, but I wanted to take my own sweet time and not rush things.

A close friend of mine who is 30 single explains “My mom often berates about my being too picky and taking time to settle down, she worries so much that it has started affecting her health now. She often gets thwarted by the thought process backed by her friends and sisters, that if not now, then only divorce es and widowers would be left to choose from". She further explains, that her younger brother is engaged, but her mum is adamant that as a rule in most of the Punjabi families, her being elder, should be married first, else what will people say!"

The fear of society paralyzes parents' thinking process and they put themselves and the girls under unwarranted pressure, leaving them to be at sixes and sevens. Advice to all such women is, not to rush, take your time, as it’s your life, one can't marry just for the sake that her biological clock is ticking. What if the decision taken in haste and under pressure leaves you hanging by a thread later? After all, you have to deal with it for the rest of the life, not anyone else. So many of you who are touching 30 & still single, don't feel like a lost ball in high weeds, time is still by your side!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Colourful Morning

Something about this pic, morning sunshine, red n yellow leaves greeting you..As they say! Here's a new, bright and a vibrant day..One of my fav author's twitpic pic's, this one. Paulo Coelho shared this while he had his walk in the morning!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where are those days?

Wednesday and Friday, the excitement of these two days can never cease from my mind. The days much awaited and most prized ones out of the choate week. The mornings used to be exhilarating and the days passed in wait, looking forward to the clock to strike 7.55 pm on those two special nights. Wonder why they were out of the ordinary? These 2 days treated me with 'Chitrahaar'. The medley of 'filmi' songs and conceivably the only filmi programme among the lot of all those insipid series of 'Krishi Darshan', classical programmess, 'Samachar' and 'Hum Log'. Those were the days when DD ruled the idiot box. And mere 5 'filmi' songs wrapped up in 25 min schedule used to fancy me.

I feigned to be a good girl in its truest of sense for atleast these two days. Finishing off with my homework on time and mugging all my lessons for the day, leaving no ground where i could be nagged on the prime time about studies. Though my entire childhood saw me at my naughtiest best, indulged in all kinds of notorious activities and thrashed by parents as a consequence. But religiously wednesays and fridays used to be the No-Nonsense days, as little negligence could have deprived me of my favourite show.

All that while, my mind used to be engrossed about the songs to be featured! I used to be angst and perhaps much more prepared than the presenters of the show. Readying up for the time, i was particular in hiding my test papers pending for dad's signatures in the deepest corners of the home. The wednesdays nearing exam days were the most abhorrent ones. I ensured that Date-sheet was a miss, pages of the school diary with notes of homework were torn off. Amidst all this, a gush of overwrought feelings played on my mind, Half an hour delight of music, where almost all my time used to pass with folded hands, praying the big guy above to showcase at least one Salman Khan's number.

There were days when i was forbidden to put on the TV. Occurance of such times was though less, but taxing! Those were the times of poor grades, days after Parent teacher meetings, monthly tests, exams and of course whenever i played tantrums or was adamant. I think my mom's favourite punishment was this one as she could see my jaws gnashing and fists in the air. That was the craze! The stratum of annoyance for missing the show was to the extent that i cried my lungs out and could not sleep for hours thinking what probable songs were played on that day.

Its seems absurd today, when i think of those times of passion and madness for the crazy show. Today, when i have access to almost every song under the sun, be it a you-tube visual playing on my i-pod or the alluvion of music showcased on idiot box 24X7 on just an eye's blink. But the anxiety of those moments can never be relived. Where are those days gone? And where are those times, when a mere 25 minute songs programme turned me blithe to the fullest. Not only this it made me a dutiful and discplined child, so what if it was for just two days. I miss that age today, as i grow older on the roads of life.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making of a Reality Star!

Do you dream big? Do you intend to walk the road 'much' travelled? Do you yearn for quick fame? If all these thoughts hover over your mind...shed those inhibitions in you and you can be the next REALITY star!

The reality van is on its way to stardom to pick some and drop others. The reality series, much believed to be an eclipse on the famous saas-bahu operas is latest fad on the idiot box. Such shows have witnessed a colossal success of late, as every other channel you flip has some REAL treat for your eyes. The reality series though acceded from foreign, but is exalted by the Indians. Much to viewers amusement, the TV channels have grappled the nerve of the audiences as each one of us today is ardent and keenly inquisitive in peeping into others' personal lives. And why not? Its such a relief from the K- saga that had been ruling the small screen for years. Its then, where plebeians find reality shows a breather as they can unfold the day's fatigue by smirking on wanna be grooms in 'Rakhi ka Swayamvar' to keep tabs on the mud slinging among the contestants with the beep covering their abusive language and of course the rabid demeanors as seen in 'MTV Roadies' and 'Splitsvilla', which apparently masses enjoy and feed on the tidbit for gossip, chased by round of cackles in their living rooms.

We witness many reality series flocked with a bunch of young lads and lasses in aspiration of that quick fame. The boys and girls next door in no time become part of our colloquy, the discussion on our dinning tables & topic of our office conversations. We find ourselves betting on the most promising combatant and praying for our favorite one to win. After a thorough scrutiny and running the potential candidates under a scanner, the contestants pass the toughest of challenges to reach the summit, vying for fame, name n money. After all.. the road to stardom is not that easy.

A recent name to join the bandwagon of reality star was Salman Khan from 'Dance India Dance'. With his tremendous win he has qualified to join the likes of Abhijeet Sawant, Qazi Taukeer, Ashutosh, Nauman Saint. Besides his drudgery to make a place for himself, it's the people who bridged his route to victory. I often wondered who are the ones who vote for these guys? Are these voting numbers fake to flaunt a show's TRP; till the time i found myself running my fingers on my cell's keypad to vote for Ali Mughal from SKD. He could not win the game show, that's another story. Its me & you who ajudge the rising of a star. The show and the crew, decked up with emotional touch-ups leave the audience swirling on the emotional swing to vote! The show's success is evident from the fact when millions of people vote for their favorites. Audiences get sensitive to the contestants' sufferings and their triumphs. In a way, we love them, we hate them and we make them.

From combatants planning the plots in SKD to celebrities burning the dance floors with their toughest of moves in 'Jhalak Dikhla Ja'. From roadies performing the tasks that skip your beat as mere spectators, to the cute 'Gangu bai' grinning, leaving us appalled at her abundant talent and spontaneity to perform. They have entertained us and have won accolades and name for themselves.

Such ventures for sure give a complete platform to the aspirants, who till yesterday, were nobody from no-man's land but win an abode for themselves with sheer hard work, a winner attitude and their hunger for fame. While these shows with flamboyant sets, glitz and glamor mesmerize the common people to lure for the showbiz, the hardships borne by contestants cannot be brushed off. Living on the theory of “Survival of the fittest”, they crawl each day. The criticism by the judges, the common anguish among the peers often leave them bedazzled as they put their image on stake. The perpetual fear of embarrassment leading from such encounters which is not confined to them but reach thousands of viewers, leave the contestants in turmoil. While some apex to the fame n success, the others drift in the crowd. But realize they must, they are the chosen ones; holding onto the path, with their persistent endeavors they dream of success and a few out of the lot are blessed to hold the reins and govern the hearts of masses. With dreamy eyes and ongoing inquest, they welcome their role reversal from a common man to a much celebrated celebrity!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wacko Jacko lives on!

The King of Pop, the icon of music, the consummate entertainer, the words can run short but his aura. MJ's contributions to music and legacy will be felt upon the world forever.

Though not much of his fan, i heard his songs after being told by my neighbor whom i saw often dancing on the beats of Jackson's music in the evenings in his verandah. I found him crazy and laughed at him, till he lent me some of the cassettes to listen. The very first time i heard him, i could understand no word but hear the screams. But soon i started following his videos on Channel V and felt no one else could moonwalk better. MJ was believed to be God on stage. One of the most exciting and energetic performer of his generation. Known for his backward-gliding moonwalk, his feverish, crotch-grabbing dance moves and his high-pitched singing, punctuated with squeals and titters. His single sequined glove, tight, military-style jacket and aviator sunglasses were trademarks, as was his ever-changing, surgically altered appearance.

He appeared mysterious to me, as he was seen in an increasingly freakish figure. His skin became lighter, his nose narrower, and he spoke in a breathy, girlish voice. He often wore a germ mask while traveling. Watching him on television always leave one wanting for more. The reason why Jackson's appearance changed drastically was because he wanted a 'dancer's body'. As a result he changed his eating habits in a major way, turning vegetarian and cutting the amount he ate. There was a point when he weighed just 48 Kgs. Apart from the problems with the nose, dermatologists claim that Michael Jackson has used Botox injections for his forehead, had his chin altered, and also used an illegal hydroquinone compound to lighten his skin.

He ruled the controversies as he did the music. The episode where he dangled his infant son, Prince Michael II, over a hotel balcony while a throng of fans watched from below left many bedazzled, raising their brows and questioning pop star's sanity. Later he was charged of molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor. He had been accused of plying the boy with alcohol and groping him and of engaging in strange and inappropriate behavior with other children, leading to a buzz that Jackson was a Bi-sexual. The buzz got strengthened when he acknowledged sharing his bed with children, a practice he described as sweet and not

The controversy king as they call him, made the world drool over him despite of his being confirmed to guilty for the scandals. He surely swayed the world of pop with many of his tracks. 'They dont really care about us' being my personal favourite. Its disheartening to aknolwledge that Jackson's journey was yet not over. He was all set for the comeback with his tour starting in London in early July. Its true that the world will not see those moon walks again, the passionate shows will be minus, the crowds will not cheer to the intensity they did in his shows. As today, the king has planned to rest and as he lies, he is happy and content for what he gave to the world and for the fame he got and the way he would always be in masses' hearts to live there ever.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rain is here

The month of June starts and so the rains. Gazing at the falling drops, simply leave me mesmerized. So much, that i long to touch the tiny droplets of water...i feel joyous at the mere scene, smelling the droplets falling on mud and getting drenched..what a perfect way to feel connected to nature. Walking on muddy grass, holding on & compelling my taste buds to just limit to those earthy smells. Looking at the blur in the midst of everything outside my window and hearing the dropping sound of rain; that is what i love about the rain. Poor leaves were barren, sad and desolate all this while & now the drops of water have kissed them. Flowers fluttering on high and acknowledging the rain god for his grace on them. Bushes on full swing matching steps with the drops that fall. Those birds fly back to their nests and wait for this downpour to end. there is a constant obstruction in the sky hampering them to play in there arena. They envy to see the bushes dancing with joy. The view enchants me and fills me with wonder for the liveliness of Rains..How much i love to see them!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

As i scribble...

As i try hard to scribble today;
Words fall short and thoughts nibble away.
The mayhem in mind and heart does rounds;
Work pulls me back as lost desires i found
Here I brainstorm, in this commotion so keen to dive;
Ideas count their breaths and refuse to come alive.
Resolute to pour down when I try;
Words pledge not to come my way.
Deep in my heart those abstract things inside;
Waving a bye to them the hands refuse to type.
All my dreams of tomorrows and yesterdays;
Seem like just a touch away
I stand here with my wings spread
ready to take off in a quick flight;
Wandering in the darkness of my mind;
searching for a spark that can unwind
In anguish i give up, nothing came out concrete;
I looked up and saw these lines, though petite
As i try hard to scribble today;
Words fall short and thoughts nibble away

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pursuing for Happiness

I rise to live, to smile, to go…

Another day keeps me going

As I take a road traveled in the past

I wander like a cloud in the sky

The bitterness of life I embrace

My silent companions make me realize

as i sit with bowed head and lowered eyes

Stop mulling over the dead haze..

I want to forget and forgive

the facts that are rooted in pain

Digging in my own back yard

the old and sullen truths

For long they bruised,

Its time for them to be drained

As i retrace my footsteps

Intending to refine my deeds

No longer i want to bear…

While I learn from my mistakes,

I promise to let go these fears

I try to catch my share of happiness, life offers

It orders me to free the sorrows and pains

Clinched in my fists, those unwanted stains

As I set them free, I see the heaviness flying.

I run in hurry all over to gather…

the smiles and blessings which are scattered

I place it well in the corners of my home

And it echoes behind the walls, telling its here

and sprinkles us when we laugh and share

As i live to get the joys

I am the dream and I am the hope

Happiness is mere reflection of you it tells

You hold the pains within

And then cry for all the done sins

Free what is ugly and burry it deep

For happiness doesn’t knock on sadistic fates

In blooming nests and lovely sights it dwells

From here on I say goodbye to my sorrows

Coz now i see my better tomorrows

Saturday, June 28, 2008

SEED - The remembrances Vol 1

June 20, 2005...the day when i landed the capital, after those endless tales of emotion/drama/sobs. Convincing my mum and pursuing her to spread my wings and fly from my nest. To be independent and carry the journey of life on my own out of their protection, exploring the avenues life has to offer. Touching the feet of Delhi and gasping the beauty of it.(yea for a typical Jalandhar girl, it surely was b'ful - "The Metro effect"..The scene still flashes in front of my eyes..where the this punjabi clad in her jet pink salwaar suit was all smiles at the gates of SEED.

Some excitement to be part of NIIT after those convincing sessions from Rupali (Yea shruts--The Booby female ;), other to breathe in freedom away from home, I ushered inside. After the customary formalities at the reception, i was guided towards the room allotted to me. Room No 205 it read. It seemed I was the first occupant, so inspecting the huge room with 4 beds, i wondered which one to grab. Umm the one in front of a/c? I have mastered the art of grabbing first place in front of cooler, A/c since childhood. My bro is the best victim of it, so somehow these skills helped me to pull through. Making my way towards the cafeteria, I had a coffee cuppa and started gazing at the gate...Who knew then, from there walked in not just the training mates but blessings for the lifetime!

Amandeep - Ek uccha lamba kadd, duja soni vi tu hadd

This bright clad in red shirt held my attention. Oh..punjabi kudi coming in my batch.I was glad as i could relate to her coz of Punjab connection. Child like smile and innocence on face. Didn't do much of talking on first day though. Her luggage comprised of a few soft toys, tweety for that matter, the most fav one, the reason behind her name in SEED. Aman was apple of everyone's eye..Our kiddo in the batch for whom daily dose of pampering was never enough and we loved to give it u babes. Friendship with her was just instant, though she despised many of us on the first day. Miss our bitching sessions during mid-night in the cafeteria. The times when we drooled over Maggie like no tomorrow. Inside tweety's childish attitude rests a strong headed female with abundance of sense. Riding always high emotionally, she's one person who has managed to let SYNERGY live with her endless efforts. Aman in all respects, you take the credit for bonding the scattered synergy. love u tonnes :D

Priyanka – Ms do it right

I saw this tall, quiet female in colorful attire, sitting in the cafeteria. Is she going to be part of this training was my thought. Prinks I cud never manage to see Himan that day, while others could sneak in and notice. Prinks was a no nonsense girl (until she became my friend) who believed to get up early. Religiously wash her hair daily and get into bed again, leaving me come the morning laziness doesn’t over power her? how does she manage to be awake after sliding in the blanket after shower? had it been me, i would have surely dozed off…zzzzzz....

Shruti – OMG!

Driven in a lancer, came a babe, flanked by parents and a flashy old grand ma. I was too impressed by the lady in her 80's with a red lipstick and nail paint, her hair were properly chopped, how nicely she has maintained herself was the thought and i smiled. With this clan came a slender female inspecting things around with not so welcoming expression..- My dearie Shruti Bhatia - errr Ms Hitler, whom we found cribbing about everything available in SEED except ofcourse the Maggie and yeah we all friends whose friendship she cherishes till now. Her standing on the table in the mid-nights to feel the a/c effect, of which Paro had to bear the brunt. My bench mate in Training sessions, where we hid behind the systems and talked all nonsense amidst serious sessions. Imitating Trainers to scanning them and laughing on them, we did it all. To the extent, we didn’t leave Reena’s
Shrut’s i'm forgetting his name though.

Manika – Miss know it all!

In yellow shirt and a long floral skirt, saw two ladies engrossed in chit chat. The formal greetings happened exchanging the names..Manika and Pooja. Simple and calm they appeared. Apparently Pooja too was allotted the same room so I found my first roomie and absolutely hated the idea of her mingling with a neighbour roomie.Ouch… I always envied Manika coming into OUR room to fill up logsheets. How on earth can be so punctual and systematic in doing this silly work. Till I gotta know her
and see the hidden talents and a child like softness in Memorable Manika, who unfailingly managed to finish up her all assignments on time.

Nidhi – Am so lost !

The techie connection was one thing common b/w me and nidz, so meeting her made me less grieved that I’m part of a non techie group..Her desperation to know who all had boyfriends was a bit funny. (and i was like awwww how can she ask publicly..) smiling, coyily i shrugged :P. Nidz was engaged to Vikas then, may be she wanted to figure out who all can fit in her category of doing the random shifts of late nite phone calls :P. The last one to reach the training rooms, skipping b'fast or carrying those bread slices in the class with her wet hair pouring, Nidz was a quiet female but a naughty one within. Yea our first project - AUTODESK brought us closer though.

Pals: Been there done that

Couldn’t see much of her on the first day, she preferred being locked in her room with her roomie and we always suspected (shhh..lesbians?? ) she always had that “been there done that! Look on her face.. Her short hair-do put me on impression as one of the notorious Tom-boyish kiddo in the class..But Pals was calm and too busy riding her own world, till the time she started getting along well with Nidz..The two used to lock themselves after each session in the break leaving others bedazzled, alarmed, surprised and what not..hehe with multiple questions hanging over our heads.

Joe- Mumbai connection

My only companion in times when rest of the gang flew home on weekends..
One who told me snippets from ‘Bible’.. Brainy at small age, but still got confused over Ghia/dhoodi :) Ever inquisitive, a slightest confusion during the session left her with twisted nose, which me and Shruts had fun watching at :P Joe remember we fell ill together and were sent to some sidey doctor in some sidey market, who robbed us with a good part of our money..Oh so feverish…

Pooja- Good girl attitude

Pooja was an obedient girl came to follow all the rules in the world. Punctual in waking us up in the mornings :D the one who shooed us from the rooms to go for the walk. She missed home terribly and her brother too. Naughty and childish was pooji and lovable in all respects…Remember we used to crib together about that Bombay girl Shweta intruding in our room and trying to rule our world.

Paro – Gopal shona main kahan aa gaya re

Now this fatty female with a thick glasses, behind the rim I always saw those crying eyes who were wandering, leaving her struggling to find solace. She doesn’t want to mingle was my opinion. Paro was a tragedy queen initially, always sounding low. Why had she come leaving home was my question looking at her. Her lengthy phone calls back home forced me to think, she must not shell all her salary on the hefty bill amount. She knew the art of cracking all the presentations. Though her ever going effort to excel in hindi left us in embarrassing situations many times..hehe yea buddies the Rohan episode. Her singing that left many having goose bumps, and her reading out the write – ups during the sessions…yea shruts’ – the shakespear in her was heard often.

Smirti – Gayab!

She was not part of it the first day….Later on I founded her li'l mysterious, always giving that sheepish smile. Absconding on weekends, never saw her donning in books, still manages to get away with good presentations made me believe that she certainly possessed some magic wand!

Rohan- The Odd one out

The over smart confused mind..that comes to mind when I think of Rohan. Poor chap among all girls. Hats off to the guy's tempo to patiently get along with the bunch of over smart females. May it be his German language skills he exhibited sitting in the last bench with Prinks or his soft corner for Ms. Roy helping her in Robohelp project. Not to miss, the fitness freak used to go for running, mid office hours in some kalkaji ground. Wonder who else accompanied him at that time except a few stray dogs. Rohan, though you rn’t part of it, but yeah Synergy is incomplete without you. Cheers

Room no 205

The biggest room allotted to four of us, used to be adda for gossip/chart making/and can you forget those LOG BOOKS??? Hahahaha i seriously feel like finding one now n tearing it into pieces...uh! it took half of our enjoyment and 3/4th of our sleep :( can I miss them..our dear instructors…I think no SEED conversation is complete without mention of these beauties…

Epitome of Artificialness

Saw her first with 'Hitman' shades resting on her head. I dunn remember I ever saw the shades at the right place as they always crowned her head. Above those never tied long silky shining hair. She was the glamour quotient of the Boot Camp. Her dialog delivery was as artificial as her staring at the trainees to rip them apart making them conscious till death. Her story telling skills made the boot camp interesting, leaving us wondering how come she has experienced each situation in life and could relate to all the instances in the world. Her nags, at times which turned into humiliation were always flown. She posed as a pefect female blessed with perfect husband and a perfect son and ofcourse the perfect back up arrangement, coz when the whole Delhi sulks without electricity – “ Unke ghar mein PITCH DARK to nahi hota hai na” (U gotta imagine me saying that to have the effect.)

– “HAAAAALO” (the salwar effect)

Guys wish I cud act here..been so long havn't copied her…kisko dikhaoun. From eating bread pakodas to chickens and claiming that she skipped lunch..uh!
Seed was real fun coz of her. She is the one who should be credited for many such hilarious and funny moments where our fun bone tickled to death.. Shruts was perfect to hummm her ring tone..Her phone, some Moto model with that funny stick, on which she used to call only out of projects Niitians to whom she dragged to impart us training at the boot camp….Guys can you ever forget the Embarrasment of being part of KUMBH MELA with masked faces and we all echoing “Chali chali re chali chali…boot camp ki hawa chali…..O shit :O

Good bad ugly, howsoever the times were...SEED gave me some of the best memories and friends for lifetime to boast about. Love you all..Mmmmuah :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Settling the blows

I gaze, i grin, i giggled

so what if the blow triggered?

The point where i was hinted the unusual demeanor,

when it was a spooky little carrier.

The talks molded n folded,

adding to the heat and the toungue scolded.

We promised and got united for happy stories,

Daily dose of love and no worries...

I glance, I hear, I say,

so what if we didnt go our way?

It was an over debated issue,

which we shouldn't have pursued..

The conversation just got worsened,

and the aisles to each other sharpened

stabbing each of us deep inside..

o petty things to be resolved we decide.

I chop, I cook, I hear

so what we let down on how to cater

I welcome the suggestions with a long face

tried keeping and doing stuff at your pace

The words which boiled and blistered,

worked faster than how sugar minced..

lets burn it up on the burner and we rinsed

I sob, i cry, I howl

so what the promises to keep still crawl

I go erratic, i figure and explain,

the sheer blame games we refrain.

standing on the edge i ponder

Gearing it up, not too late to surrender

Tomorrow, Day after and the nth day,

so what if its tolling us to pay

for he is the one and only in entire world

let my efforts not go churned!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wandering soul

Nights when she sat and gazed towards the heights,
A night so beautiful, was never seen by her side.
A sky so infinite, like a star studded bride.
That silence worth a million desires,
Spoke all what her heart aspired.

She longed to reach the stars so bright,
enormous in number and farthest from sight.
Far they seemed from a mortal's height.
As she closed her eyes, spreading arms in haze,
Her mind flew like a bird free from cage.
As she glided among the dazzling stars and reached uphill,
The life, it seemed, had gone standstill.

There she spotted some lone stars looking at her,
Their eyes spoke, she struggled to vision.
When she moved to feel their existence,
They ran towards the clouds, leaving empty slate.
and there she tumbled by her ugly fate,

Days passed and sky witnessed her sitting,
Gazing at the lost glory of the sky,
No trace of her star and she wondered why!
Suddenly when her heavenly father made his way
"Go back to the barracks, my dear girl..
Your sleepy eyes need some rest,
Ending your on-going unsaid quests,
Your trip under the starry umbrella now shall end,
Have sent an angel your way to fend".

Wandering soul couldn't sense the indication,
Confusion on her mind and she mistook it for another illusion.
Some thoughts flashed in her mind
Dreams and wishes are gifts divine,
Don't renounce them, just bid with time!
She shall endeavour to make her dreams realize!

As she opened her eyes from heavenly maze,
and returned back to her routine to chase.
Everything was fine, as it was before,
Only it was better with the angel at her stride,
Ah! She owned someone n cuddled in him with pride!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I realize....

For all these days, i had been trying to donn my head and come up with a perfect answer. Or shall i say a perfect feel. An answer to the one and the most happening question surrounding my life since the time i got married, something which friends/acquaintances just bounce after the customary hi! and there ever inquisitive eyes to know..” How does it feel after getting married?”..Something to which i was absolutely clueless how to react to. Do i feel jubilant that finally i got a man after all those harrowing meetings with some 12 prospective grooms with whom my mental connectivity could never be established? Am i sadistic? Shit! am no more single and can't have the all the fun of enjoying those bachelors attention. Or am i over joyous seeing my mom having a sigh of relief after those sleepless nights of the fear, will her daughter ever approve her any guy and settle down in life? Or shall i react like kunal whom i find, not dancing with joy, not feeling awkward, one who knows how to react in a thoroughly balanced way. So to all those to whom i could not really convince that the feel is actually good, bad or ugly, i came up with certain realizations, which surely makes me feel that yea, it took SOME CHANGES to be Samira Kunal Soni after being recognized as Samira Nagpal for past 27 years

Ok i think i can count on my fingers; the changes, not many though but definitely important..

The visible effect of 'looks' which luckily/unluckily guys cannot flaunt...
Besides my daily routine of heavy make up which i fondly do( eeeks..i shelled out nearly 7k on 1st day of the year )..truly makes me feel that i am a married woman. That 'Chooda' which i have always admired in the hands of newly weds, the first few days while walking across in the home and i crossed by the mirror and was taken aback..

I am an early riser now...something my dad failed to do in past 25 yrs...he must be a happy soul,,here i cant do without it...getting work done from maid and leaving for office for an hour commute....well i make a point that i may not completely feel disconnected with my ritual of sleeping late hours in the morning, so weekends are there to make maximum use of it :)

My carefree attitude suddenly got wheels and somebody has put a whip on it.....the times when i find kunal making every effort to correct me when i eat with those blunt knives and forks...or the nights when i was warned not to eat daal w/out using a spoon from the bowl...and the times when i realize of that casual approach of doing things should be vanished now!

Third one would bring smiles to mommy dear.. for which we used to argue frantically and she made all the effort to shoo me in kitchen to do it..Yesss!!! cooking (ladkiyon ko khana banana aana hi chahiye)
so far i thought myself to be an average cook, one who can make basic dal roti (xcuse me for desserts and any other cuisine) hav so far tried my hands on desi ghar ka when i cooked for kunal for the first time, was lil worried and lil turned out to be not bad and husband dearie praised me with a hug on dining table :) (since it was the first time)....all these years i used to think, how nice it feels to have a husband who knows cooking and u feel blessed. God heard me on that and blessed me, bt i forgot to check out on the other side..I find Kunal a better cook, atleast in terms of “the cooking process” in kitchen..though hes never fussed and has cheerfully eaten not to good food, but the ever improving suggestion keeps flowing, in hope that i will be a better one some day! Thanks for bearing me and my food, husband dearie :)

Besides these major, there are smaller 'feels' when i share my bed with someone else (well i dont mind it ;))Suddenly am more sophisticated, i cook and eat in glass utensils, remember the good old hostel days, i neva bothered about my plates/spoons. Have lost all in 2 years time...i think forgot to pick em from mess, some got stolen and i never cribbed on having my dinner running from mess to my room with a roti roll

So it a'int that bad..yeah when the change happens for all good, where i see myself improving with respect to my lifestyle, my attitude and mannerisms. The journey surely is soothed by the co-partner, which in form of Kunal i got and feel blessed..cheers :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Haiku continues...

Conflict of thoughts,
war of words
Room for argument!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My stint with Haiku

No no...i havent spelled it wrong..It's not that im going to try my hands on the traditional Hukka....This one though sounds familiar with 'HUKKA' but is poles apart in real sense.

A glance
Haiku is a poetic form and a type of poetry from the Japanese culture. Haiku combines form, content, and language in a meaningful, yet compact form. The themes include nature, feelings, or experiences. Usually they use simple words and grammar. The most common form for Haiku is three short lines. The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables. Haiku doesn't rhyme. A Haiku must "paint" a mental image in the reader's mind. This is the challenge of Haiku - to put the poem's meaning and imagery in the reader's mind in ONLY 17 syllables over just three (3) lines of poetry!

Some sample Haiku poetry

No one travels
Along this way but I,
This autumn evening.

Won't you come and see
loneliness? Just one leaf
from the kiri tree.

A whale!
Down it goes, and more and more
up goes its tail!

Reading those above examples, penned beautifully,
Its my turn to scribble some lines for my first Haiku.

Hope to keep posting more in the coming days!

Fluttering of leaves
Jostling for space on a tree,
Cool breeze blows!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Frisking for a Holy place....

A few days back on Mahashivratri, i had a strong desire to go to the temple, shielding my guilt of not stopping by to any for almost a month now and missing my daily prayers since the time i entered my new abode. Blaming it to getting accustomed to the routine sked and skipping my negligence to bow in front of my God, at times which is reduced barely to lighting an evening aggarbatti.

So this big day of Lord Shiva, i wanted to make to one of the temples in town. Me and Kunal headed for one, somewhere in outskirts of gurgaon. (Phew! Every other place appears as if you are in outskirts, Courtesy- The always under construction sites and dug up roads in the city!)

We started and spotted one, not too far off from our place there stood a secluded one. At the front gate - a long queue of the people. Awww...i was staggered as such rush had been manifested only outside those big, esteemed and eminent temples where people come from far off places to pay their greetings. So averting the idea of ‘be-queued’ and waiting, we decided to head for an alternative. After whirling for a while and frisking for some 'pooja place' amidst those multi-storeyed buildings and sky scrappers, at a short distance we encountered another. This visaged more like a shack than a temple.

I was appalled at the fact that this IT savvy town, fondly called by the locales as 'Bharat ka America,' where one stumbles upon every other building rimmed with shine and surroundings engulfed with those glassy towers, it irked me to see not a single religious place with the basic amenities demanded by a piece of architecture. Temples here are more of the temporary set ups in dingy lanes. (Well, I am not sure of old gurgaon side as I have never been towards that part of the city, so writing about the place which I checked.)

Have the MNC galore and malling mania among the so called 'Hi-Tech' crowd of the city faded the need of going to a place where we can sit and find peace? Alas! The temples in Gurgaon appear as a mere obligation where one can perform one's contemporary rituals… How i wish to find some day a glittery one with lights and big idols of all the Gods decked up with garlands and shining ornaments. And there comes the chanting of bhajans from all sides....purifying the aura of this muddy-land!