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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For you dear mum & dad - On your Anniversary

They are the ones who need no introduction,
solely culpable for my creation.
On this day they entered in holy wedlock.
And together they ventured in this bonded bliss
They are the ones to whom I belong n will ever do
Thank you my guardian angels for everything you do.

Revising the torn pages of my growing up tales
the days of strictness and discipline that forever prevailed
To make me a better person of what I am today.
How much I abhorred your ascendancy and check,
shrugging my shoulders off and had crazy frets
How difficult teen I had been, doing all those sins;
with much endurance you dealt, when I proved to be grim.

How I grew in your embrace dear father
with a new demand each day; some or the other
And u smilingly met it each time without thinking twice
Re-balancing your budget over paying for my toys' price
the independence you gave and the trust you showed
is beyond handful of thanks when today I think and grin
One who sowed the seeds of patience, confidence and being grounded
How you coached me to face the challenges, I owe it all to you what I imbibed

The patience and unending love of you dear mother,
The once in lifetime bringing up experiences,
Under your spell were truly charismatic.
When you chased me round the table, failing me to skip my diets
Making a cuppa for me during exams in middle of the nights
Or the lessons you showered from those good girl's guides
Those days will never return, since the times flee
Countless memories to recall and glee
Whenever I felt like crashing in I had your arms
The one who cried when I shed tears
and gave me strength to fight those fears

Times when i failed and failed miserably
you gave me strength to outshine continually
Rejoicing on my success and victories
I owe it all to you, the present ones n in history
Parenthood is tough, but bearing up children with values is tougher
Thank you for what you gave me is not just life but a fortune harbinger
You are the one to whom i belong and will ever do
Thank you my guardian angels for everything you do.


Jisha said...

This is awesome.....reminds me of my days of those sweetness and innocence. Absolutely flattering, i m sure ur Mum and Dad will luv it & they would never forget this beautiful gift by u...a real good effort.

Jagdeep said...


Priya said...

How true and sincere each word is! Hope all parents have daughters and daughters like you all the more!

Nagpal said...

We were bowled by your love,admiration,regard,affection for us.God bless you. May God bestow upon you and Kunal all HIS blessings and give you long life with full of happiness.
I am reminded of this beautiful quote after reading your feelings for us I intend to preserve this and enjoy in times to come

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How bloody fake and shallow... bet you wrote this to just redeem your non-existent ego to prove to yourself that you grew up to be a nice woman...which in your heart you know couldn't be farther from the truth...

Anonymous said...

How bloody fake and shallow... bet you wrote this to just redeem your non-existent ego to prove to yourself that you grew up to be a nice woman...which in your heart you know couldn't be farther from the truth...

this is to u i absolutely agree indians are capable of faking everything as kids ur identity is what your fathers profession is ,after marriage what your husband is,ifhe has no exceptioanl identity it is the father in laws,so self identity is virtually nonexistent.

Anonymous said...

wait till u really need them,parents like no trouble kids particularly daughters,that is the real test for u and ur parents

Samira Kunal Soni said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am amused that you visited again recently after Dec, just to repeat ur message & make me believe this is all fake & shallow. Lol! Trust me i was smiling when i read that...So my post touched in someway that it earned ur precious time & comments.....Between seems that u have had a bitter experience where daughter kid is indeed not much welcome & appreciated. I hope you recover ur sorrows soon & look at the brighter side of things! Take care ;)

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