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Saturday, June 28, 2008

SEED - The remembrances Vol 1

June 20, 2005...the day when i landed the capital, after those endless tales of emotion/drama/sobs. Convincing my mum and pursuing her to spread my wings and fly from my nest. To be independent and carry the journey of life on my own out of their protection, exploring the avenues life has to offer. Touching the feet of Delhi and gasping the beauty of it.(yea for a typical Jalandhar girl, it surely was b'ful - "The Metro effect"..The scene still flashes in front of my eyes..where the this punjabi clad in her jet pink salwaar suit was all smiles at the gates of SEED.

Some excitement to be part of NIIT after those convincing sessions from Rupali (Yea shruts--The Booby female ;), other to breathe in freedom away from home, I ushered inside. After the customary formalities at the reception, i was guided towards the room allotted to me. Room No 205 it read. It seemed I was the first occupant, so inspecting the huge room with 4 beds, i wondered which one to grab. Umm the one in front of a/c? I have mastered the art of grabbing first place in front of cooler, A/c since childhood. My bro is the best victim of it, so somehow these skills helped me to pull through. Making my way towards the cafeteria, I had a coffee cuppa and started gazing at the gate...Who knew then, from there walked in not just the training mates but blessings for the lifetime!

Amandeep - Ek uccha lamba kadd, duja soni vi tu hadd

This bright clad in red shirt held my attention. Oh..punjabi kudi coming in my batch.I was glad as i could relate to her coz of Punjab connection. Child like smile and innocence on face. Didn't do much of talking on first day though. Her luggage comprised of a few soft toys, tweety for that matter, the most fav one, the reason behind her name in SEED. Aman was apple of everyone's eye..Our kiddo in the batch for whom daily dose of pampering was never enough and we loved to give it u babes. Friendship with her was just instant, though she despised many of us on the first day. Miss our bitching sessions during mid-night in the cafeteria. The times when we drooled over Maggie like no tomorrow. Inside tweety's childish attitude rests a strong headed female with abundance of sense. Riding always high emotionally, she's one person who has managed to let SYNERGY live with her endless efforts. Aman in all respects, you take the credit for bonding the scattered synergy. love u tonnes :D

Priyanka – Ms do it right

I saw this tall, quiet female in colorful attire, sitting in the cafeteria. Is she going to be part of this training was my thought. Prinks I cud never manage to see Himan that day, while others could sneak in and notice. Prinks was a no nonsense girl (until she became my friend) who believed to get up early. Religiously wash her hair daily and get into bed again, leaving me come the morning laziness doesn’t over power her? how does she manage to be awake after sliding in the blanket after shower? had it been me, i would have surely dozed off…zzzzzz....

Shruti – OMG!

Driven in a lancer, came a babe, flanked by parents and a flashy old grand ma. I was too impressed by the lady in her 80's with a red lipstick and nail paint, her hair were properly chopped, how nicely she has maintained herself was the thought and i smiled. With this clan came a slender female inspecting things around with not so welcoming expression..- My dearie Shruti Bhatia - errr Ms Hitler, whom we found cribbing about everything available in SEED except ofcourse the Maggie and yeah we all friends whose friendship she cherishes till now. Her standing on the table in the mid-nights to feel the a/c effect, of which Paro had to bear the brunt. My bench mate in Training sessions, where we hid behind the systems and talked all nonsense amidst serious sessions. Imitating Trainers to scanning them and laughing on them, we did it all. To the extent, we didn’t leave Reena’s
Shrut’s i'm forgetting his name though.

Manika – Miss know it all!

In yellow shirt and a long floral skirt, saw two ladies engrossed in chit chat. The formal greetings happened exchanging the names..Manika and Pooja. Simple and calm they appeared. Apparently Pooja too was allotted the same room so I found my first roomie and absolutely hated the idea of her mingling with a neighbour roomie.Ouch… I always envied Manika coming into OUR room to fill up logsheets. How on earth can be so punctual and systematic in doing this silly work. Till I gotta know her
and see the hidden talents and a child like softness in Memorable Manika, who unfailingly managed to finish up her all assignments on time.

Nidhi – Am so lost !

The techie connection was one thing common b/w me and nidz, so meeting her made me less grieved that I’m part of a non techie group..Her desperation to know who all had boyfriends was a bit funny. (and i was like awwww how can she ask publicly..) smiling, coyily i shrugged :P. Nidz was engaged to Vikas then, may be she wanted to figure out who all can fit in her category of doing the random shifts of late nite phone calls :P. The last one to reach the training rooms, skipping b'fast or carrying those bread slices in the class with her wet hair pouring, Nidz was a quiet female but a naughty one within. Yea our first project - AUTODESK brought us closer though.

Pals: Been there done that

Couldn’t see much of her on the first day, she preferred being locked in her room with her roomie and we always suspected (shhh..lesbians?? ) she always had that “been there done that! Look on her face.. Her short hair-do put me on impression as one of the notorious Tom-boyish kiddo in the class..But Pals was calm and too busy riding her own world, till the time she started getting along well with Nidz..The two used to lock themselves after each session in the break leaving others bedazzled, alarmed, surprised and what not..hehe with multiple questions hanging over our heads.

Joe- Mumbai connection

My only companion in times when rest of the gang flew home on weekends..
One who told me snippets from ‘Bible’.. Brainy at small age, but still got confused over Ghia/dhoodi :) Ever inquisitive, a slightest confusion during the session left her with twisted nose, which me and Shruts had fun watching at :P Joe remember we fell ill together and were sent to some sidey doctor in some sidey market, who robbed us with a good part of our money..Oh so feverish…

Pooja- Good girl attitude

Pooja was an obedient girl came to follow all the rules in the world. Punctual in waking us up in the mornings :D the one who shooed us from the rooms to go for the walk. She missed home terribly and her brother too. Naughty and childish was pooji and lovable in all respects…Remember we used to crib together about that Bombay girl Shweta intruding in our room and trying to rule our world.

Paro – Gopal shona main kahan aa gaya re

Now this fatty female with a thick glasses, behind the rim I always saw those crying eyes who were wandering, leaving her struggling to find solace. She doesn’t want to mingle was my opinion. Paro was a tragedy queen initially, always sounding low. Why had she come leaving home was my question looking at her. Her lengthy phone calls back home forced me to think, she must not shell all her salary on the hefty bill amount. She knew the art of cracking all the presentations. Though her ever going effort to excel in hindi left us in embarrassing situations many times..hehe yea buddies the Rohan episode. Her singing that left many having goose bumps, and her reading out the write – ups during the sessions…yea shruts’ – the shakespear in her was heard often.

Smirti – Gayab!

She was not part of it the first day….Later on I founded her li'l mysterious, always giving that sheepish smile. Absconding on weekends, never saw her donning in books, still manages to get away with good presentations made me believe that she certainly possessed some magic wand!

Rohan- The Odd one out

The over smart confused mind..that comes to mind when I think of Rohan. Poor chap among all girls. Hats off to the guy's tempo to patiently get along with the bunch of over smart females. May it be his German language skills he exhibited sitting in the last bench with Prinks or his soft corner for Ms. Roy helping her in Robohelp project. Not to miss, the fitness freak used to go for running, mid office hours in some kalkaji ground. Wonder who else accompanied him at that time except a few stray dogs. Rohan, though you rn’t part of it, but yeah Synergy is incomplete without you. Cheers

Room no 205

The biggest room allotted to four of us, used to be adda for gossip/chart making/and can you forget those LOG BOOKS??? Hahahaha i seriously feel like finding one now n tearing it into pieces...uh! it took half of our enjoyment and 3/4th of our sleep :( can I miss them..our dear instructors…I think no SEED conversation is complete without mention of these beauties…

Epitome of Artificialness

Saw her first with 'Hitman' shades resting on her head. I dunn remember I ever saw the shades at the right place as they always crowned her head. Above those never tied long silky shining hair. She was the glamour quotient of the Boot Camp. Her dialog delivery was as artificial as her staring at the trainees to rip them apart making them conscious till death. Her story telling skills made the boot camp interesting, leaving us wondering how come she has experienced each situation in life and could relate to all the instances in the world. Her nags, at times which turned into humiliation were always flown. She posed as a pefect female blessed with perfect husband and a perfect son and ofcourse the perfect back up arrangement, coz when the whole Delhi sulks without electricity – “ Unke ghar mein PITCH DARK to nahi hota hai na” (U gotta imagine me saying that to have the effect.)

– “HAAAAALO” (the salwar effect)

Guys wish I cud act here..been so long havn't copied her…kisko dikhaoun. From eating bread pakodas to chickens and claiming that she skipped lunch..uh!
Seed was real fun coz of her. She is the one who should be credited for many such hilarious and funny moments where our fun bone tickled to death.. Shruts was perfect to hummm her ring tone..Her phone, some Moto model with that funny stick, on which she used to call only out of projects Niitians to whom she dragged to impart us training at the boot camp….Guys can you ever forget the Embarrasment of being part of KUMBH MELA with masked faces and we all echoing “Chali chali re chali chali…boot camp ki hawa chali…..O shit :O

Good bad ugly, howsoever the times were...SEED gave me some of the best memories and friends for lifetime to boast about. Love you all..Mmmmuah :)

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