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Friday, May 16, 2008

Wandering soul

Nights when she sat and gazed towards the heights,
A night so beautiful, was never seen by her side.
A sky so infinite, like a star studded bride.
That silence worth a million desires,
Spoke all what her heart aspired.

She longed to reach the stars so bright,
enormous in number and farthest from sight.
Far they seemed from a mortal's height.
As she closed her eyes, spreading arms in haze,
Her mind flew like a bird free from cage.
As she glided among the dazzling stars and reached uphill,
The life, it seemed, had gone standstill.

There she spotted some lone stars looking at her,
Their eyes spoke, she struggled to vision.
When she moved to feel their existence,
They ran towards the clouds, leaving empty slate.
and there she tumbled by her ugly fate,

Days passed and sky witnessed her sitting,
Gazing at the lost glory of the sky,
No trace of her star and she wondered why!
Suddenly when her heavenly father made his way
"Go back to the barracks, my dear girl..
Your sleepy eyes need some rest,
Ending your on-going unsaid quests,
Your trip under the starry umbrella now shall end,
Have sent an angel your way to fend".

Wandering soul couldn't sense the indication,
Confusion on her mind and she mistook it for another illusion.
Some thoughts flashed in her mind
Dreams and wishes are gifts divine,
Don't renounce them, just bid with time!
She shall endeavour to make her dreams realize!

As she opened her eyes from heavenly maze,
and returned back to her routine to chase.
Everything was fine, as it was before,
Only it was better with the angel at her stride,
Ah! She owned someone n cuddled in him with pride!


CoolBuddy said...


Very beautifully written.

taurus said...

its really lovely dear...