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Friday, May 2, 2008

I realize....

For all these days, i had been trying to donn my head and come up with a perfect answer. Or shall i say a perfect feel. An answer to the one and the most happening question surrounding my life since the time i got married, something which friends/acquaintances just bounce after the customary hi! and there ever inquisitive eyes to know..” How does it feel after getting married?”..Something to which i was absolutely clueless how to react to. Do i feel jubilant that finally i got a man after all those harrowing meetings with some 12 prospective grooms with whom my mental connectivity could never be established? Am i sadistic? Shit! am no more single and can't have the all the fun of enjoying those bachelors attention. Or am i over joyous seeing my mom having a sigh of relief after those sleepless nights of the fear, will her daughter ever approve her any guy and settle down in life? Or shall i react like kunal whom i find, not dancing with joy, not feeling awkward, one who knows how to react in a thoroughly balanced way. So to all those to whom i could not really convince that the feel is actually good, bad or ugly, i came up with certain realizations, which surely makes me feel that yea, it took SOME CHANGES to be Samira Kunal Soni after being recognized as Samira Nagpal for past 27 years

Ok i think i can count on my fingers; the changes, not many though but definitely important..

The visible effect of 'looks' which luckily/unluckily guys cannot flaunt...
Besides my daily routine of heavy make up which i fondly do( eeeks..i shelled out nearly 7k on 1st day of the year )..truly makes me feel that i am a married woman. That 'Chooda' which i have always admired in the hands of newly weds, the first few days while walking across in the home and i crossed by the mirror and was taken aback..

I am an early riser now...something my dad failed to do in past 25 yrs...he must be a happy soul,,here i cant do without it...getting work done from maid and leaving for office for an hour commute....well i make a point that i may not completely feel disconnected with my ritual of sleeping late hours in the morning, so weekends are there to make maximum use of it :)

My carefree attitude suddenly got wheels and somebody has put a whip on it.....the times when i find kunal making every effort to correct me when i eat with those blunt knives and forks...or the nights when i was warned not to eat daal w/out using a spoon from the bowl...and the times when i realize of that casual approach of doing things should be vanished now!

Third one would bring smiles to mommy dear.. for which we used to argue frantically and she made all the effort to shoo me in kitchen to do it..Yesss!!! cooking (ladkiyon ko khana banana aana hi chahiye)
so far i thought myself to be an average cook, one who can make basic dal roti (xcuse me for desserts and any other cuisine) hav so far tried my hands on desi ghar ka when i cooked for kunal for the first time, was lil worried and lil turned out to be not bad and husband dearie praised me with a hug on dining table :) (since it was the first time)....all these years i used to think, how nice it feels to have a husband who knows cooking and u feel blessed. God heard me on that and blessed me, bt i forgot to check out on the other side..I find Kunal a better cook, atleast in terms of “the cooking process” in kitchen..though hes never fussed and has cheerfully eaten not to good food, but the ever improving suggestion keeps flowing, in hope that i will be a better one some day! Thanks for bearing me and my food, husband dearie :)

Besides these major, there are smaller 'feels' when i share my bed with someone else (well i dont mind it ;))Suddenly am more sophisticated, i cook and eat in glass utensils, remember the good old hostel days, i neva bothered about my plates/spoons. Have lost all in 2 years time...i think forgot to pick em from mess, some got stolen and i never cribbed on having my dinner running from mess to my room with a roti roll

So it a'int that bad..yeah when the change happens for all good, where i see myself improving with respect to my lifestyle, my attitude and mannerisms. The journey surely is soothed by the co-partner, which in form of Kunal i got and feel blessed..cheers :)

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Serenity said...

Sam Sweetheart...what an amazing blog.....glad 2 know the happy changes in ur life....i was a bit scared with my life on this front...but ur blog lifted my spirits....thanks buddy....God Bless both of u and have a happy married life ya...Ritu.