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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where are those days?

Wednesday and Friday, the excitement of these two days can never cease from my mind. The days much awaited and most prized ones out of the choate week. The mornings used to be exhilarating and the days passed in wait, looking forward to the clock to strike 7.55 pm on those two special nights. Wonder why they were out of the ordinary? These 2 days treated me with 'Chitrahaar'. The medley of 'filmi' songs and conceivably the only filmi programme among the lot of all those insipid series of 'Krishi Darshan', classical programmess, 'Samachar' and 'Hum Log'. Those were the days when DD ruled the idiot box. And mere 5 'filmi' songs wrapped up in 25 min schedule used to fancy me.

I feigned to be a good girl in its truest of sense for atleast these two days. Finishing off with my homework on time and mugging all my lessons for the day, leaving no ground where i could be nagged on the prime time about studies. Though my entire childhood saw me at my naughtiest best, indulged in all kinds of notorious activities and thrashed by parents as a consequence. But religiously wednesays and fridays used to be the No-Nonsense days, as little negligence could have deprived me of my favourite show.

All that while, my mind used to be engrossed about the songs to be featured! I used to be angst and perhaps much more prepared than the presenters of the show. Readying up for the time, i was particular in hiding my test papers pending for dad's signatures in the deepest corners of the home. The wednesdays nearing exam days were the most abhorrent ones. I ensured that Date-sheet was a miss, pages of the school diary with notes of homework were torn off. Amidst all this, a gush of overwrought feelings played on my mind, Half an hour delight of music, where almost all my time used to pass with folded hands, praying the big guy above to showcase at least one Salman Khan's number.

There were days when i was forbidden to put on the TV. Occurance of such times was though less, but taxing! Those were the times of poor grades, days after Parent teacher meetings, monthly tests, exams and of course whenever i played tantrums or was adamant. I think my mom's favourite punishment was this one as she could see my jaws gnashing and fists in the air. That was the craze! The stratum of annoyance for missing the show was to the extent that i cried my lungs out and could not sleep for hours thinking what probable songs were played on that day.

Its seems absurd today, when i think of those times of passion and madness for the crazy show. Today, when i have access to almost every song under the sun, be it a you-tube visual playing on my i-pod or the alluvion of music showcased on idiot box 24X7 on just an eye's blink. But the anxiety of those moments can never be relived. Where are those days gone? And where are those times, when a mere 25 minute songs programme turned me blithe to the fullest. Not only this it made me a dutiful and discplined child, so what if it was for just two days. I miss that age today, as i grow older on the roads of life.


Amandeep said...

I can't picture this! I just CANNOT picture this!!

No, i don't mean your craze about chitrahaar... I can't picture YOU trying to be a GOOD GIRL! A brat like you trying to be a shareef bachcha?!

Although this bit -- I ensured that Date sheet was a miss, pages of the school diary with notes of homework were torn off -- is totally credible! :D :P

Was laughing all the way while reading this and that reminded me of my childhood obsession: Potli baba ki! Trying to search for a video for that now! :D

CoolBuddy said...

I used to wait for show theme...