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Monday, June 1, 2009

Rain is here

The month of June starts and so the rains. Gazing at the falling drops, simply leave me mesmerized. So much, that i long to touch the tiny droplets of water...i feel joyous at the mere scene, smelling the droplets falling on mud and getting drenched..what a perfect way to feel connected to nature. Walking on muddy grass, holding on & compelling my taste buds to just limit to those earthy smells. Looking at the blur in the midst of everything outside my window and hearing the dropping sound of rain; that is what i love about the rain. Poor leaves were barren, sad and desolate all this while & now the drops of water have kissed them. Flowers fluttering on high and acknowledging the rain god for his grace on them. Bushes on full swing matching steps with the drops that fall. Those birds fly back to their nests and wait for this downpour to end. there is a constant obstruction in the sky hampering them to play in there arena. They envy to see the bushes dancing with joy. The view enchants me and fills me with wonder for the liveliness of Rains..How much i love to see them!


Amandeep said...

This post made me smile and feel that joy of rain... :)

Anonymous said...

u seem to be a very sensitive and a emotional person.