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Friday, September 19, 2008

Pursuing for Happiness

I rise to live, to smile, to go…

Another day keeps me going

As I take a road traveled in the past

I wander like a cloud in the sky

The bitterness of life I embrace

My silent companions make me realize

as i sit with bowed head and lowered eyes

Stop mulling over the dead haze..

I want to forget and forgive

the facts that are rooted in pain

Digging in my own back yard

the old and sullen truths

For long they bruised,

Its time for them to be drained

As i retrace my footsteps

Intending to refine my deeds

No longer i want to bear…

While I learn from my mistakes,

I promise to let go these fears

I try to catch my share of happiness, life offers

It orders me to free the sorrows and pains

Clinched in my fists, those unwanted stains

As I set them free, I see the heaviness flying.

I run in hurry all over to gather…

the smiles and blessings which are scattered

I place it well in the corners of my home

And it echoes behind the walls, telling its here

and sprinkles us when we laugh and share

As i live to get the joys

I am the dream and I am the hope

Happiness is mere reflection of you it tells

You hold the pains within

And then cry for all the done sins

Free what is ugly and burry it deep

For happiness doesn’t knock on sadistic fates

In blooming nests and lovely sights it dwells

From here on I say goodbye to my sorrows

Coz now i see my better tomorrows


√ДMPIRE said...

Perfect Post :-)

Amandeep said...

"From here on I say goodbye to my sorrows
Coz now i see my better tomorrows"

God bless the thought and the thinker!! :-)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

You write well, so why don't you write often? Don't you think it's not only a waste of talent but also a waste of thoughts which you could have thought but didn't?

JLT-999 said...

lost 'n' inspired ....keep it up